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On Thursday, December 1st, Dowsers Club will bring to you Crystal Bowl Sound Healer, Robert Austin.  After a lifetime of working as a corporate chef, Robert switched out his mixing bowls for Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls, becoming a sound healer, known throughout Florida. As you listen to the ethereal sounds that he creates on his bowls, punctuated with occasional chanting, and the sounds of Native American rain sticks, the noise in your head will fade and the tension in your body will evaporate.

While attending one of Robert’s concerts, individual experiences may include; physical relaxation, reduced anxiety, mental clarity, emotional release and restful sleep. The powerful vibrations of sound penetrates the body which consists of approximately 70% water, giving a gentle internal massage to all your cells. Crystal Bowl Healing Energy, through harmonic sounds, resonates with the body in balancing the chakras and re-energizing the auric field.

You find more information on Robert Austin’s website

He explains how sound healing works in this 1-hour-interview:

Enjoy a short preview of Robert’s concert: .

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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