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Good Morning,
Most of you know that I am the caretaker of the precious Zodiac stained glass windows created by Dr. Douglas Baker in the 1960s. A couple of years ago I formed a 501c3 charity to support these windows, eventually to create a home where they can be appreciated by the public as intended. Please see their story:

Rose Window | SkyDance Astrology

Approximately 8 months ago I created a crowdfunder to raise funds to purchase a sturdy trailer with a customized interior for the safe transportation of these windows to museums and festivals where again, they can be enjoyed. Fundraiser by Charlene Johnson : The Rose Window Hits the Road (   As you can imagine, safely transporting 12 stained glass windows is problematic! Thank you SOOO much to those of you who have donated to this worthy cause so far. With another small donation from SkyDance we had attained the first step of purchasing the trailer shell. When I called to place the order, I was told that prices have gone up hugely and it was going to be $1300 more than originally quoted! With this new knowledge, I’m sure the interior building of shelving for the windows will also be more than originally quoted.

Now I am wondering if anyone might have a strong, sturdy, used 4X8 enclosed trailer that they could donate to The Rose Window and the funds already raised could go toward creating the customized interior instead. Or at least sell for a lower price than what I would have to pay for the new trailer.

Thank you for your consideration and suggestions. WIDE OPEN to suggestions!
Charlene R. Johnson

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