Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. – Annual Gold Coast Conference

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Dr. Eric Mein
Adrian Castillo
Johanne Rutledge

SATURDAY, MAY 15th, 2021
9 am to 5 pm
(Sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants for 60 days after the event.)

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Empowering Your Healing with Dr. Eric Mein
9 am – 12 pm

Dr. Eric Mein has had a lifelong interest in the spirit/mind/body connection which led to his interest in the Cayce readings more than 40 years ago. A central concept in the Cayce approach is that all healing comes from the infinite, captured beautifully by the phrase, “the Spirit is the life, the Mind is the builder, and the Physical is the result.” We will explore what this means and how to best harness the power of our natural healing abilities.

About the Speaker
Dr. Eric Mein spent a year as a visiting scholar at the ARE after medical school before writing his book Keys to Health about the Cayce medical readings.  He is Co-founder and President of Meridian Institute, which researched the medical readings for ten years resulting in a number of publications.  Dr. Mein was the Medical Director for the ARE’s Health and Rejuvenation Research Center for two years.

Dr. Eric Mein experienced a personal encounter with cancer.  He will be sharing the insights and techniques that resulted in his complete recovery. He recently retired after being in clinical practice for over 29 years.

Cycles of Change: A New Perspective on the New Age with Adrian Castillo
1 pm – 2:45 pm 

Is it a coincidence that in 2020 the world saw a pandemic, a U.S. Presidential election, and an astrological rarity such as the “Great Junction?”  Well, according to the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce:

“There is nothing by chance…” (2946-2)

And so, together, we’ll explore the Cayce readings a little more in-depth to provide us with a new perspective on the current state of the world, which helps expand our minds and opens our hearts to hope.

About the Speaker
Adrian E. Castillo, LMT, is an environmental scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. He is also a licensed massage therapist, musician, and a student of the Edgar Cayce readings. He volunteers his time with the A.R.E. Southeast Gold Coast Team and has lectured on programs with John Van Auken, Kevin J. Todeschi, MA, and others. For Livestream/On-Demand lectures that feature Adrian, please click here.

Create a Spectacular Reality! with Johanne Rutledge
3 pm – 4:45 pm 

Life in the human body can be Heaven or Hell, but it is never an imposition or a punishment. As Edgar Cayce often said, “free will” is our most powerful tool given at birth. It is stronger than anything else in the world, no matter where we stand or where we are going. Free will begins before we incarnate in the body and it is then that we decide WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW, AND WITH WHOM we will navigate our next journey toward evolution.  Remembering our choices is the secret of happiness!

About the Speaker
Johanne Rutledge has been on her spiritual learning path for over 42 years. She is a Mediumship counselor, channel, and healing practitioner. Johanne will tell you that Rebirthing/breath work literally saved her life 30 years ago. Johanne was certified by Leonard Orr, the Father of Rebirthing and, has helped many many people find their way through her 13 years of teaching and facilitating at the Johanne Rutledge School of Intuition in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Her life is about empowering others to create their reality as described in the title of her new book: Love Freely, Live Fully and Make Your Life Spectacular.

Gina (561) 306-4788

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