Soul-to-Soul communication

Here’s a link directly to the video interview you watched twice that shares info about Soul-to-Soul communication and introduces the course:

Thank you so much for sharing!

With love,

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I just listened to it again. What I feel is that there are a lot of people that need to know how to connect with themselves, asking the questions of their guides, their higher selves.

Getting to know who “I Am.” What is my Purpose? Do you want answers about yourself? Your Childhood, What is there in my past that I should look at.

I now see that starting there will allow one to get to know one’s self and realize that we are ONE. Then without realizing you begin to understand oneness, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance LOVE.

This is what I can see happening with this course, when presented this way. This is how I see Suzanne’s Course.

This is more important to me than becoming a Medium. But that will happen as well moving forward.


SG Soul Picture 11-2020


Liz Field
Community Transformation Team
The Shift Network

P.S. Do you have questions for Suzanne about connecting with departed loved ones or ancestors, and how you can know for sure you’ve established a connection? She’ll be answering your questions in a live Q&A:

Join us!
LIVE Q&A w/Suzanne Giesemann
Wednesday, November 18
11:00am Pacific

You don’t need to register, simply join us HERE!
(You can also use this link to submit your question in advance).

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