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Unity Pictures 1 03-2020
Hello, all Unity Spiritual Center, Unitics.
We love you we bless you and we see the Christ in and as you.
This is what is happening at Unity Spiritual Center, near the Villages, Florida.
We are closing the building to all activities scheduled and unscheduled until further notice. The office will be open but for only Wednesday of this week. We will do our best to respond to your emails offsite.  If it can wait please let it wait. This Sunday’s worship service will take place in the sanctuary as normal but to a limited number of people and will be available live on our YouTube Channel, Unity Spiritual Center North Central Florida, at our regular time of 10am.
Our first case in Lake County occurred yesterday. We are very mindful that the best course of action is to not congregate, no matter the size. It is just not worth the risk.
In times of discord such as now our Unity go to is always prayer. But what do we pray for, what is our intention for going into prayer? Are we looking for world peace, for the madness we feel to go away or are we seeking a united world coming together to resolve a common problem? How are you now spending your free time away from the bustle of everyday living? I invite each of you reading this announcement to join me at 7 AM everyday (in your time zone) for a simple but powerful time together to pray for the wellbeing of our tri-county area, the state of Florida, the United States and the rest of the entire world. For a simple 15 minutes, let us see everyone working together for the good of all, putting aside any and all differences in culture, in social economic status, in political views and coming together in love for human kind because we can affect the world right now right where we are. I further recommend that throughout our day we remind ourselves with this affirmation:
“I Am a loving child of a loving God and all is well in my world and those around me. I do not let the world view of fear enter my living consciousness but rather I see love all around me and the entire world. 
I am whole.”
1)     All activities and meetings in the Pat Bennet Community Room are cancelled. This includes but is not limited to our Sunday gatherings and the Bookstore until further notice.
2)     The office will be open only on Wednesdays until further notice. We will make every effort to respond to your emails – unityspiritualcenterfl@gmail.com.
3)     Spirit Groups have the option to continue to meet via Zoom. Your group host will contact you and let you know when and how. Our April 5th week 10 gathering will take place via zoom. More to come on this item.
4)     Our Wednesday noon prayer service is cancelled along with the after Wednesday service class. Please join us instead for 15 minutes together in affirmative prayer. See the information posted at the beginning of this post.
5)     The e-news will resume in a couple of weeks after things settle themselves. We will use this venue to communicate with all of you.
6)     The Quarter Auction has been postponed and will take place at a later date. Hang onto your ticket or request a refund from Dee Babel or Lynn Ostergaard. We will post more on this in a later communications notice.
Please continue your love offering whether by mail or through our donate button on our website located at the top left-hand side of any page. Or simply click the link provide here.
We will continue to do the Sunday Worship Service live with limited participation. Please do not plan on attending as you can view the Service live at our regular time of 10am on our YouTube Channel.
As is done every Sunday we live stream the service via our YOUTUBE channel
Although I cannot image you doing anything else at 10am Sundays then watch us live you can also watch any service at your leisure as they are all posted on our YOUTUBE channel.
I see only good and know that this too shall pass.
I love you and bless you.
Unity Pictures 2 03-2020
We will send out additional notices for any important changes that might occur. You can always check out website for updates as well.
Have a great God filled day. Take care of yourselves. See you all soon.
Rev Mo

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