Edgar Cayce – Castor Oil

“For me castor oil is a miracle oil. I have used it on so many occasions that I cannot recall all. I do liver packs periodically, often before or during the apple diet. Have soothed my spastic colon with it, used it on my sore fingers when my chiropractor thought arthritis had started, and make warm packs to ease tense muscles on my back.

“Several years ago I sprained my foot badly in an accident. The physician wanted to place a cast around it and give me shots against pain. I refused. Came home and put a castor oil pack without heat around it and rested for the rest of the day. I was told to put my foot up and have as little weight as possible on it for the next few weeks. I had no time to rest. Left for Paris within the next 3 days, to work, not for pleasure. Every day, for 10 days, I was on my feet from morning till 9 or 10 at night. But every night I slept with a castor oil pack around my foot. I did hobble during day because there was pain and by evening the foot was swollen but in the morning, no trace of swelling. Except for a small spot it did not even turn blue. There was just the slightest hue of color. For 3 months I slept with the pack until I could walk in high heels again. Have not had problems since.

“At the moment I am recovering from a cystitis. Cayce recommended Glyco-Thymoline but I used castor oil. Slept with a pack and heat over bladder for 2 nights. After the first night no more blood in urine; after 2nd night no more burning. Feel well now.” … Brigitte B., North Carolina

“I have just finished reading Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, by Jess Steam. I decided to try castor oil packs on myself for digestive problems I have had all my life — with much diarrhea. I have been under the care of a chiropractor for the past 2 years, which has afforded me some relief. I just took the second pack off. I have already experienced some soothing effect in the abdomen.

“My 10 year old has had asthmatic bronchitis since the second week of Oct. He was on antibiotics for 8 weeks, following a touch of pneumonia in November, plus has had to take asthma medication. (He, too, visits our chiropractor). For 3 months he has awakened with heavy wheezing. After one castor oil pack, placed on the chest, and extending down the right half of his abdomen to the groin (kept warm by a heating pad), he awoke 12 hours later nearly completely free of any wheezing (treatment followed by a peanut oil and olive oil rub from face to fingertips and toes, front and back). His extremely dry skin is noticeably softer, and his sore knee, from a loose knee cap, felt better. At this moment he is outside in 23 degree weather, wrestling with 2 other boys and one of the boys’ sisters, with more pep and energy than he has had in a long time. His color is already better — was before going out.

“If one treatment can produce such unbelievable improvement in him in one day, what will he be like next week?” … Mrs. J. W., Illinois

“Six years ago, I was operated on for endometriosis. The condition was so severe that one of the cysts burst during surgery. My surgeon said that it was her medical opinion I should have a hysterectomy, but she knew I didn’t want one and so didn’t give me one. Two years ago the endometriosis was diagnosed as returning — I felt pain during the internal gynecologic exam which signifies the presence of cysts. I also had an ultrasound scan done, and surgery was recommended. But I decided to try the Cayce castor oil packs combined with a meatless diet and lots of raw juices.

“Within six weeks the diagnosis changed. l was examined by four gynecologists and none found any endometriosis or cysts. This was two years ago. From then on I ceased to have any problem whatsoever.” … Isabelle Gruber, Maryland

“Just the other day, Gladys (my physician wife) was operating on one of our fruit trees, doing some pruning after a cold spell, when a branch of the tree brushed her face and scratched the cornea of her left eye. The cornea is very sensitive and the pain was considerable. She couldn’t keep her eyelid open. I looked at the eye. No foreign body was present, so we dropped castor oil into her eye and let her rest a while. She felt some relief, got up shortly, used more castor oil, then a patch over the eye for the rest of the evening, Before bed, more castor oil to the ailing eye. In the morning, the eye was no longer painful nor inflamed, and it has been normal since.

“A friend of ours uses earplugs at night to keep the noises out. Once, when she couldn’t find her earplugs, she used a bit of castor oil on some cotton instead and it seemed to be quite effective. Sometime later, when she developed ‘boil-like sores’ in her ear canals, she remembered the cotton and castor oil earplugs, figured it would be a good thing to do to clear up the boils, and used them that night. In 24 hours the lesions had drained and cleared up and her ears were once again normal.

“In Louisiana, another friend of ours sought out his physician for treatment of a lesion on his left ear, caused apparently by the sun. He was told that the electric needle or surgery would remove the ‘wart.’ He chose instead to use one of the Cayce suggestions — baking soda and castor oil made into a paste and applied with gentle massage into the lesion daily. He reported recently that ‘It hasn’t come back now for several months, and the place where it was is very smooth, velvety and without a scar.’

“From Florida comes still another story. This housewife (also a researcher in simple remedies) tells her story: ‘My husband had some pre-cancerous spots on his skin caused by the tropical sun — a doctor suggested a chemotherapy type ointment but we decided to try the castor oil and baking soda. The spot on his arm became red, sore, itched and then disappeared! The skin is now smooth. I used the same mixture on my face, and a  longtime raw area healed over.'” … by William A. McGarcy, M.D., reprinted from “Healing Your Body”, Venture Inward, July/August 1985

“As an unsolicited testimonial, and with hope it may help others, I would like to give a personal experience I had with Edgar Cayce-recommended castor oil use which I have sworn by for years.

“Upon awaking one morning, I was almost floored upon looking in a mirror and seeing the outer area of my left eye almost completely red with blood.

“After recovering from the initial shock, I immediately thought hospital — pronto.

“Upon examining my eye, the doctor gave out with a disconcerting “ummm” followed by ‘very interesting.’ I asked what could have brought on the condition and he responded that it could have been from a variety of causes. Also that there wasn’t any medicine for treatment. With that statement, castor oil immediately popped into my mind.

“The doc made an appointment for me with an eye specialist and I returned home forming ideas that I would use involving castor oil. I cut out four 2 inch squares of the wool flannel, soaking them in castor oil. I placed them on 2 folds of glad wrap and taped them directly on the closed eye. I did this for three nights being able to sleep with little discomfort. I also used an herbal eye wash during the day called eye-bright.

“After the third overnight treatment the eye was clear. As an extra measure I put two or three drops of castor oil directly on the eye-ball upon retiring for a few more nights. The condition has completely dissipated.” … H. Rahming, California

“I have, I think, the most incredible story of all to tell. It is one I have told so often in my Astrology and Reincarnation classes at Beverly Hills High Adult School, I am almost weary of repeating it. However, it’s so astounding, I do think you should hear it.

“I have been into Edgar Cayce remedies for about 20 years and have discovered, above all, the miraculous uses of castor oil. I have used it to cure just about everything from arthritis to heart problems—that is, when people will follow my advice. I have also used it for sun tan lotion. I have a friend named Jake who has also found the amazing curative powers of the oil when it is used externally. He was sitting home one night when his mother phoned from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She told him he had to come home as soon as possible, his father was dying. Jake was stunned, because the last he had heard his father, 71, was in fine health. But the man had to go for his automobile insurance, and they wouldn’t insure him unless he had a physical. After examining him, the doctors discovered he had high blood pressure. It came as quite a shock to Jake’s father since he felt particularly well. So the doctors put him on those lethal blood pressure pills and in nine months he developed cancer, emphysema and diabetes. Jake arrived home in two days, and there was his father lying in bed, down from 145 to 98 pounds, unable to recognize his son — or anything else, for that matter. It would be only a matter of hours before he died. Jake phoned me in LA. and said to look in the Black Book and see what Cayce had to say about the aforementioned diseases. I said that I didn’t see anything about any of them. He hung up the phone angrily and went running to the drug store where he bought a bottle of castor oil which he then applied over his father’s body from his neck to his thighs. He didn’t even use a heating pad or hot compresses, as Cayce recommended, and as we both had used in the past. But the following morning, his father opened his eyes and exclaimed, ‘Jake, when did you get home?’ A couple of hours later he was sitting up in bed. The nurse came, but she was not surprised. ‘This often happens,’ she said, ‘with terminal patients. They make a last minute recovery before they die.’ But Jake’s father did not die. Instead he started going to the bathroom for the first time by himself in six weeks. By the end of the week he was eating at the dining room table and talking of spending the winter in Florida. Jake left soon after. His father was fine, and that was only after a single castor oil application (I have discovered that the more serious the condition, the faster castor oil will work.).” … Paul R-, California

“Although I never have been an A.R.E. member my family has been helped by the use of castor oil.

“In 1984 my daughter was living in Boston and she developed what the doctors called a mosaic wart on her heel. When treatment of medication and shaving the affected area proved of no avail after two years, the doctor recommended surgery to remove half of her heel.

“The day before the operation I talked with her on the telephone and convinced her to cancel the cutting, and the next day, since I live in Virginia Beach, I went to the A.R.E. Library to sec what they said about warts. Of course, I found castor oil as a specific so I called my daughter and told her to soak the heel of a wool sock in castor oil and wear it with a pair of old tennis shoes that were expendable.

“She started to follow these instructions on July 10, 1984; by August 10,1984 the mosaic wart was gone and has never returned again. Today her heel is perfectly normal. Thanks to the use of castor oil as recommended in the Cayce readings a painful and possibly crippling operation was avoided.” … Walter Pontbriand, Virginia Beach

“I have found the castor oil packs to be marvelous. I have gotten rid of an ovarian cyst and avoided surgery for same using them. I use them frequently on my abdomen as they (according to Or. McGarey of Phoenix Clinic) aid the body in preserving youthfulness by keeping the Peyer’s Patches in the intestines functioning well.

“PS. — Everyone tells me I look 25 instead of 36!” … Holly Gibbin, Maryland

“The first of this year an X-ray was taken of this woman’s breast — small tumors the size of peas were seen. A couple of larger ones were drained with needles. She was told that when they became larger they would have to operate. She started using Castor Oil Packs (on the breasts at night). She went back for X-rays October, 1976. The X-rays showed them gone.” … an Alabama woman

“I read where the Castor Oil was good for warts and thought maybe it might remove a soft corn between toes that I’ve had for 20 years. Had tried everything on the market with no success. Put Castor Oil on cotton, pi aced between toes on the corn, bandaged the foot to hold the toes together and left it on for one night only. Removed cotton and bandage next morning and noticed a lot of the skin on and around the com looked dead. Three days later I had a real hole in that area and a sore foot, too. Thought I’d certainly done the wrong thing this time. But by the end of two weeks the dead skin had sloughed off and the hole was beginning to heal. Today, three months later, the skin between the toes is smooth and a natural color and (there is] no sign of a com ever being there.” …
V. A., address unknown

“Several years ago I was having a terrible pain in my wrist and it made a clicking noise when I moved it. When the pain became worse and constant I finally went to my doctor. After X-rays, he found a cyst that was strangely formed and made an appointment for me with a bone specialist. As I left the office he said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s probably benign.’ Then I was really frightened. A week later I saw the bone specialist who again X-rayed and determined that the cyst was congenital, thus accounting for the strange way in which it formed. The cyst had nothing to do with the pain — that was tendinitis. He recommended cortisone shots when I could tell exactly where the pain was (my whole wrist hurt). I give you all this background just to point out that no treatment was given — nothing even suggested to lessen the pain — and it cost around $120.00! My sister-in-law suggested using the Palma Christi. I bought a bottle of Castor Oil and applied the treatment a couple of times a day for two or three days. The pain and the clicking noise were gone and have never returned!” … a New Mexico woman

*  “In October 1981, while living in Connecticut, I had an operation to remove my right Fallopian tube which had been severely damaged from an infection. This same infection also affected my left Fallopian tube to such an extent that it was shut from adhesions, making it no longer possible for me to conceive, according to my doctor. At this time I stopped practicing birth control.

“In May 1983,1 had a second operation to remove my cystic right ovary. I was told afterwards that my left ovary also had a small cyst, but my doctor did not want to remove that ovary, for that would necessitate my having a total hysterectomy at the
age of 31.

“When I moved to Arizona in July 1983,1 was under a doctor’s orders to keep a watch on my remaining ovary, as it could get much worse at any time.

“In January 1984, I went to the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix for an exam because I was experiencing discomfort in the region of my left ovary. Dr. Bill examined me first, but for my subsequent visits I saw Dr. Gladys.

“On my first visit, I was told by Dr. Bill that the cyst was the approximate size of a natural lemon. I was given a regimen to follow which included castor oil packs, meditation, visualization, and diet—all of which followed the readings of Edgar Cayce.

“Within the first three weeks of treatment, my cyst had shrunk to the size of a Ping-Pong ball, and by March the cyst was gone.

“I asked Dr. Gladys if there was a chance the castor oil might have had an effect on my damaged left Fallopian tube as well. I was curious about the possibility of being able to get pregnant again.

“She told me that from the medical report of the doctor in Connecticut, she did not think so; but if there was a soul that wanted a way in, it might happen. Doubting the possibility, I did not resume birth control.

“That was March 1984. In January 1985, much to my disbelief and amazement, I discovered I was pregnant. On September 18, 1985, Sarah May Riedell made her entrance at eight pounds, one ounce. I am convinced that she is my baby from the Palma Christi!”… Mary Esther Riedell, reprinted from “Healing Your Body,” Venture In ward, September/October, 1988

* “My friend had epilepsy for over 15 years, during which time he took gradually increasing daily doses of barbiturates. About 1968 he began following the Cayce therapy for epilepsy, including spinal adjustments, dietary changes, massage and castor oil packs. The barbiturate dosage, which was up to 2 grams a day at the time he started the Cayce treatment, was gradually reduced over a 6 week period, causing him to suffer withdrawal symptoms and grand mat seizures. After several months of treatment, the seizures began to decrease in frequency and intensity, and in 1980, he was practically symptom-free, experiencing small petit mal seizures only once every 6 to 12 months. He continues to watch his diet and takes castor oil packs when he feels the need.” … Summarized from a talk with a Phoenix area man

*   “Castor oil packs — cannot get wool flannel anywhere but Heritage Store. What can I say? We use this on EVERYTHING.” … a North Carolina chiropractor


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