Notes from Anti-Inflammatory Cook Book and the Plant Paradox

NGRP Notes Picture v2There are three tissue hormones in the body. Two are anti-inflammatory and are made from the good oils that we ingest. The Third is Prostaglandin E 2 which is stimulated by excessive intake of (refined) carbohydrates making tissue inflammation all over our body especially noticeable in damaged areas increasing discomfort (pain) by 60 percent without one doing anything else.

When the synovial fluid in our joints go from acid to alkaline during inflammation ,dissolved minerals come out of solution and become gritty like sandpaper increasing the swelling and irritation. Also if one is in a negative protein balance as in type 2 diabetes (Hypolipoproteinemia) too little fat – oils and too little protein, the body steals the protein from joint surfaces leaving the minerals from the protein – mineral complex on joint surfaces adding to the grit in the joint increasing pain and swelling. The body tries to re acidify the joint by stealing acid (Hydrogen ion H+ CL – Hydrochloric Acid) from the stomach further aggravating the negative protein balance due to lack of digestion of proteins.

Most pain killers such as Vioxx and Celebrex block the inflammatory prostaglandin E. Ironically those drugs increase a person’s probability to heart disease even though the
E 2 pathway creates atherosclerosis which is blockage or hardening of ones arteries as if it is a Lectin.

What Is a Lectin?

A protein such as Gluten that protects a plant from disease infestation. In large concentrations, it acts like a poison to our immune system aggravating auto immune disease in our connective tissues and organs in the susceptible individual with genetic influence or leaky gut syndrome.

Monsanto increased the gluten in all genetically modified plants by 60 percent to help protect the plant from attack from disease or insects. At that level our bodies see gluten as a poison especially if someone has a leaky Gut syndrome. It influences the leakage of undigested protein into our blood stream producing unwanted allergic – immune responses.

Which is why Gluten antibody levels (Gliadens) are checked when a person develops type one or two diabetes. Although doctors are looking for Celiac disease which is common with diabetes and is associated to an auto immune disease response to Gluten found in all grains, especially wheat and corn. The wheat germ agglutinin and Gluten is also a thyroid suppressant and this syndrome is related to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis an auto immune disease of the thyroid.

Note Monsanto is still using Round up (Agent Orange, with high concentrations of the heavy metal Mercury on Its GMO grains at harvesting.

Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA) found in whole wheat grain bread is an allergen that affects people with Leaky gut syndrome aggravating their auto immune response In the Villages there is a French Bakery at the Thursday and Saturday markets that claims to use wheat from France, which means no GMO ‘s, Roundup or leavening agents.

Leavening Agent Transglutaminase is used in place of yeast in many bread and cake products. It blocks insulin and hormones from getting into our cells just as Gluten and the Wheat germ agglutinin does.

Leaky Gut Syndrome starts in the Small intestine where eating too many refined carbohydrate – sugars and starches – feed yeast growth in the duodenum and the yeast breaks down the one celled membrane that acts as a filter for digested proteins (simplest form of protein is the Amino acid building block) fats and carbohydrates (Now simple sugars) allowing loner amino acid chains to get absorbed. If the filter is intact then only these small single amino units get absorbed. If there are holes in the membrane, than larger pieces of protein – amino acid chains pass through this membrane and are mistakenly recognized as a foreign body and are attacked. Gluten seems to be attacked by white blood cells easily because it is mistaken for any allergen that the person is sensitive to already making your allergy symptoms worse. The white blood cells may think these protein chains are similar to the tissues of your organs in your body or joints, muscle and connective tissue. Common organs being attacked are your skin, thyroid or pancreas. That is how autoimmune disease starts.

Prebiotics are foods such as just ripe bananas, herbs, Avocado, and artichokes. They are resistant starches. They have roughage and a substance called inulin which feeds the good bacteria in your Small and large intestine. Good bacteria produce riboflavin – a B vitamin which helps repair the lining of the Intestines and stops Leaky gut.

Probiotics are the natural bacteria that are given to us at birth as a baby passes through the birth canal, and breast milk to inoculate our intestines. These Bacteria are symbiotic in that they produce B vitamins that help us such as Bifidus, and Lactobacillus acidophilus found so eat full fat yogurt so the bacteria can survive through the acid of the stomach. If the bacteria in the Small intestine is overwhelmed by yeast, than you will develop Leaky Gut and not lose weight Colic in babies is stopped by ingestion of normal gut bacteria.

Check nutritional facts and ingredients on the label or package for hidden sugars such as dextrose and starches. They tell you the Calories per serving, amount of fats – saturated and unsaturated, protein or sugar content of the item you are eating. I try to keep my sugars under 6 mg per serving or less. Many times the added sugars are empty calories not really necessary in the recipe but because the company erroneously lowed the fat content, to give the food some flavor, it was made sweet instead of just tasty. Remember the excessive sugar you eat, the more inflamed you can become.

Legumes are food in the beans peas and lentil family and are handled in your body as a sugar. Make sure to cook them.

Leptins is a pituitary hormone for weight loss that is normally produced in the winter to burn fat in the Winter. When you are on a low Carbohydrate diet to lose weight, it is important to eat a high carb once a week to keep the Leptin level high so you continue to burn fat and not lose weight. By the way in Florida is there winter or do we just store fat forever?

Fasting is a way of cleansing the body of toxins from the foods we eat, the yeast we have in our gut , or the chemicals we are exposed to in our food , on our lawn or in the air that we breathe.

Ketones appear in blood stream when you burn fat to produce sugars because you are unable process simple sugars due to insulin resistance. As in diabetes, the insulin can’t attach to your cells so the simple sugars cannot get into your cell to be metabolized. If fats are burned into sugars then they can be used as a fuel as in the ketogenic diet as found in The Plant paradox.

Auto immune diseases are certain types of illness such as arthritis, Thyroiditis, Pancreatitis, chronic Urinary tract disease, and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Food substitutions: use Almond flour and coconut flour for baking instead of other grains.

Check out GundryMD Blog Pg 1 to pg 20 and also:

The Plant Paradox is available in the Sumter county Library system
and can be reserved or purchased on line at Barnes and noble or Amazon

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