A Journey of Consciousness, The Physical World, & Creation

Presented by: Mimi Ponzi-Fuller

Quantum Physics tells us that mind and matter are not separate elements. In fact, your subjective mind has an effect on the external objective environment. By changing our mind, we can produce some changes in our world. When you begin to sharpen your abilities to observe a desired destiny, your life begins to reorganize itself. This change, this new way of thinking and feeling energizes and attracts an experience from the Quantum Field to match it.

The Universal Intelligence that created the cosmos, our planet and us, and keeps everything alive directs energy from the Quantum Field to our physical existence and reality. Just as there are supernovas in distant galaxies and planets orbiting the sun, it is keeping our hearts beating hundreds of thousands of times every day, it creates 60 million cells every day, and organizes hundreds of thousands of cellular chemical reactions every day. When we develop a relationship with this consciousness and use it to create desired events in our lives, emulate it, and express its power, love, and enthusiasm, we become more like it…..more divine.

Because the human brain is not as disciplined as we would like it to be, we need to utilize something smarter, wiser— something that can connect with the Universal Intelligence that creates forth from the Quantum Field, and that is the function of our Quantum Soul. When we quiet down the noise of the brain, we find it right there waiting for us. Now we are prepared to become co-creators

Quantum Living
2nd Thursday of each Month
9:00—10:50 a.m.
Coconut Cove Recreation Center


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